Victoria Valenti Canada

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We are a family owned business that have being helping kids reach their dreams by raising money by selling sheets. Over the last four years, we have taken feedback from our customers and have found a product that is very satisfying and of high quality. 

We are proud to carry the Victoria Valenti Collection 1800 Series. These are of the designer quality and display a unique design your customers will come back for more. We are proud to be the only Canadian importer to carry this brand and design. This collection includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 4 pillow cases.

We strive to make our customers as efficient and profitable as possible with our line of merchandise. Therefore, we offer our customers custom ordering. We understand that in every market consumers prefer different colors, now you can buy only the colors you want or need to add to your present inventory without increasing your inventory of colors that don't sell. We presently have 24 colors and 3 different designs to choose from with more colors available every month. AND what differs us from every other bed sheets vendor, is the unique design on the sheets that come with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet AND 4 pillow cases.

Our sheets are truly soft! With a high demand in the States, we have finally had the opportunity to import them in Canada. On the American market, they are sold between 99.99-199.99$ USD.

Our sheets are made of microfiber which is composed of very finely woven fibers, defined by their thickness, or denier, which is the measurement of a fiber’s thickness. Microfiber sheets are very thin, but are strong and exceptionally smooth and comfortable.

Individual microfiber threads are weak on their own. However, microfiber sheets are a tightly woven and thin fabric, therefore giving this tightly woven material a durable quality. Lower quality microfibers do risk being ripped after a few months of use, but going with high quality microfiber increases the strength and quality of these linens, even with daily washing. Our Victoria Valenti are indeed a higher quality microfiber.

Our sheets will never pill, fade or shrink. They are also deep pockets for those thicker mattress.

We also have our new line of Bamboo sheets that just arrived in July 2017! They don't have the patterns but are extremely soft and very high quality. 

Sheets are an investment that will be used for many years, and you want sheets that are easy to care for, attractive, and most of all, soft and comfortable.